Share Happiness
Welcome to KIMS COOK.
KIMS COOK thinks about how to share happiness in your kitchen and dining table. With our creativity, we share healthy cookware at your table for your happiness. We want to lead the cookware market enriching the kitchen culture.
Thank you.
    KIMS COOK is special in its creativity. We research new materials and develop new designs and functions for better cookware products.
    KIMS COOK pursues convenience in cookware by adding function from the point of customer’s view.
    KIMS COOK produces easy-to-use products with compact designs. We share the cookware harmonized with design and function.
  • Creativity, harmony and innovation Customer satisfaction is the first priority to make the best product.
    • 1979
      Established Kwangyeong Industrial Company
      Established KIMS HANDLE in Korea (CEO : Kim Jong Moon)
    • 1993
      Started participating in the German Frankfurt Ambiente
      Messe Investment Changsu China (CHANGSHU KIMS HANDLE)
    • 2001
      Investement for china factory (CHANGSHU KIMS HANDLE)
    • 2003
      ISO 9001,14001 (KOREA)
    • 2006
      Established 2nd factory in China (CHANGSHU KASMAIN)
    • 2009
      Selected for Hidden champion from KOREA government (KOTRA)
      Established T&K Marketing Corporation in France
      (French CIS Joint Venture)
      ISO 9001,14001 (CHINA)
    • 2010
      Completed the construction factory in Changsu,China (14,000M2)
    • 2012
      Started production of finished cookware in CHANGSHU KASMAIN
    • 2018
      Established KIMSCOOK Vietnam Factory
    • 2020
      Completed the construction of KIMSCOOK Vietnam Factory
      ISO 9001,14001 (VIETNAM)
    • 2022
      Completed the construction factory (12,000M2)
      Completed Investment in auto feed line (A,B,C)
      and forged impact bond line